Absolution of dark
and the certainty of light,
a paradox of creation
in this limitless void.

Chaos and order stand affront
executing their eternal rite,
setting in motion, immeasurable in time,
a conflict unknown to sentient minds.

To this day unaware we fight,
for the causes we find just and right.
Blinded and often unwise
we ride the waves of change
hoping, one day to turn the tide.

Caught in the midst of fall and rise
we struggle to find the undefined.
Some truths can not be justified
as we are the pawns in the game of time,
where life is a trick to introduce death
and death is a trick to introduce life.


The invisible thread

There was a time when I had a lot of anger issues, I often kept grudges for others. I often wished hurtful things for others. Now those memories come crashing down on my guilt space. That guilt is their because now I understand a beautiful language of no words and because I can see an invisible thread connecting us all. We aren’t born bad, though there are exception, but deep down we all are connected deeply some how, by an invisible thread of empathy and compassion. At an average, in my experience, we can see around 80 new faces per day, on a planet containing 7 billion people it’s impossible to connect with everyone or even see everyone. Taking into consideration a small city, it would take years, sometimes forever to see all the faces. Still, in old ages kings conquered unknown lands. Today nations strangle other nations, wars bring extermination, fanatics take lives of unknown people for who knows what reason? People discuss about such subjects online, often feel good about someone’s death, without even knowing them. People hurting people, people envious of people, but what’s more beautiful than the same people often crying at a sight, which their mind can’t decipher. The same people sharing the pain and joy and awe in unison. We often see that in action during sports, election, a calamity, protests, conventions and in a lot many gathering of sorts. What I love most is communicating with unknown people without words. Specially In traffic here at my city, probably everywhere, where everyone wants to go first, some curse, some dent other cars, but often some people humbly give a sign and a beautiful smile of both recognition and request and we let them pass returning the same respectful gesture. That invisible thread of empathy goes much deeper than we often realize. Nobody wants to be bad, neither in their own image nor in others view as well, even after doing or saying something bad, we still wish not to be judged. Things go bump when we put our pride upfront, commanding to be respected. That’s not the way how it works. Good and bad are just our choices of action and speech. We all would always stand on the crossroads while others get a chance to go about their destination and we stand and wait for the lights to turn green, then we’ll follow a similar track in good rhythm, abiding the traffic rules, moving carefully side by side with others, thinking not to nudge them and not to dent ourselves as well. We’ll fight and argue with some people in disagreement at the same time we’ll admire, empathise and be respectful to others. Often we’ll call out if someone drops something, we’ll ship their things if they lost in transit. Our choices.
It’s not hard to put ourselves in others shoe. It’s a gift we all have in common, that’s why we often love the same things, we cry over others loss and do our best to aid an unknown person if needed. There are bad people in this world, who put themselves prior to others. There are those who have dysfunctions in their mind, which makes them do horrible things. But most of the time we’ll always spread the infection of smile to others over the tiny things which really matter. I’ve very few friends, but those who I have are my earnings in life. The world is too big, I can never see and know all the 7 billion people, but if I meet any of them, I know they too understand that language of no words.
Bowing to a good authority is not weakness, doing small things to cheer up someone is a thing of beauty. As we all crave for recognition, we can get that if we resonate the same way. Words are our tools, we can build anything with them, some would hurt and bring us enemies, some would help us earn some good people in our lives, whose stories will make us laugh and teach us a thing or two. The magic of empathy can be easily seen on the road while driving. Driving to a destination has both real life and philosophical meanings. We can learn great deal of good things by the simplicity of this world. Now I’ve taken down my short temper, for the 7 billion I can always be respectful and for the few I’ve earned, I will always be with them and I would do everything in my power to help and protect them if need be. As those few in my life have made me see the invisible thread of empathy and compassion, which connects us all beyond borders and barriers of language. Theses views are my own, I may be wrong, but being respectful to others never hurt my pride. I feel more human now than before, when I used to hate unknown people for no reason at all.

The untested impossibility

Lately I’ve started to reach out to my actual interests, of which some I wish to implement, towards making my career. I often ask myself about the stories, which I will share with my kids, where I achieved something of my own. We make our own stories where we are the protagonists, fighting this age of information overload, trying out ways to evolve out of the primal hunter instincts. Everyday there is a new upgrade required for most skill sets, trying to give the best sometimes leads to total crash, most often when there are a lot of deadlines to meet. I’ve never been much of a self challenger towards anything, as a last bench-er in my class, the world seemed slow to me and I was pretty content with it. But after looking at the big picture, when there is a subconscious urge to leave a tiniest bit of mark in time, so that the upcoming generation in my blood line remembers me, I found myself standing at the midst of this information overload where the words “I can’t” often echoes in my mind. Being a beginner at things is not fun at all, when time is less that is. Then again, if there were recipes to find a better way to jump off the beginner level to advanced in seconds, we would all be robots. The key is to enjoy the journey, failure is an earning which we pay to buy success. It takes a lot of brave thoughts to nudge fear slightly. But fortunately for us, it does work.

As a social being, we humans require a personal code of conduct. Our own constitution which opens doors for us to be disciplined and organized. As a beginner there is a higher possibility to build such a code of conduct. It’s exactly like reciting the verses to pray. An attempt to positive thinking. The idea of impossibility makes us human, limitations provides us with the possibilities of adventure. When faced with such scenario, we are put to test. How far can we go? Ho long can we stand against the odds? These are the simplest questions, which sets us in motion. We begin by simple words such as “I can” and “I will” to build the foundation of our determination. After all, we all struggle to find a state of mind, which after a lot of carefully spent time, becomes our identity. We are evolving in a very hazardous time where our consumption is less than the total amount of production. We are finding new ways to happiness while the ways to stress are still the same, but the threshold of patience and will power is getting low. Have we started running away from our primal instincts? The glare of the sun and the dirt tearing our feet is no longer in tradition. The lives nature intended for us is now a paid workout in a gymnasium. Now a days it’s so easy to break down and give up, as there are a lot of easier things to do. But do we really want that? A strong determination is the only way we can find out. The rate at which our mind is growing, our body is not fast enough to adapt to it. Psychological bugs like depression and anxiety are the result of it. A sense of adventure, which was intended for us through nature’s regulation, is now changing rapidly at this age of wonders. From my experiences so far, I’ve discovered that a lot of things aren’t impossible (I don’t know many things, I may be wrong), it’s my lack of attempts which kept me as a beginner all along. I was not acquainted with my sense of adventure in errors sometimes ago. Things change and new perspective always presents itself. I guess I have found that through my experiences. I hope someday I’ll match my pace with this age and probably become a hero of my own stories. With little flaws to keep my ground of morality in check and with attempts again and again, I can find my way to reach my goals. No matter what happens, I’ll enjoy every bit of it and hopefully find some interesting experiences and stories to share with my kids.