The untested impossibility

Lately I’ve started to reach out to my actual interests, of which some I wish to implement, towards making my career. I often ask myself about the stories, which I will share with my kids, where I achieved something of my own. We make our own stories where we are the protagonists, fighting this age of information overload, trying out ways to evolve out of the primal hunter instincts. Everyday there is a new upgrade required for most skill sets, trying to give the best sometimes leads to total crash, most often when there are a lot of deadlines to meet. I’ve never been much of a self challenger towards anything, as a last bench-er in my class, the world seemed slow to me and I was pretty content with it. But after looking at the big picture, when there is a subconscious urge to leave a tiniest bit of mark in time, so that the upcoming generation in my blood line remembers me, I found myself standing at the midst of this information overload where the words “I can’t” often echoes in my mind. Being a beginner at things is not fun at all, when time is less that is. Then again, if there were recipes to find a better way to jump off the beginner level to advanced in seconds, we would all be robots. The key is to enjoy the journey, failure is an earning which we pay to buy success. It takes a lot of brave thoughts to nudge fear slightly. But fortunately for us, it does work.

As a social being, we humans require a personal code of conduct. Our own constitution which opens doors for us to be disciplined and organized. As a beginner there is a higher possibility to build such a code of conduct. It’s exactly like reciting the verses to pray. An attempt to positive thinking. The idea of impossibility makes us human, limitations provides us with the possibilities of adventure. When faced with such scenario, we are put to test. How far can we go? Ho long can we stand against the odds? These are the simplest questions, which sets us in motion. We begin by simple words such as “I can” and “I will” to build the foundation of our determination. After all, we all struggle to find a state of mind, which after a lot of carefully spent time, becomes our identity. We are evolving in a very hazardous time where our consumption is less than the total amount of production. We are finding new ways to happiness while the ways to stress are still the same, but the threshold of patience and will power is getting low. Have we started running away from our primal instincts? The glare of the sun and the dirt tearing our feet is no longer in tradition. The lives nature intended for us is now a paid workout in a gymnasium. Now a days it’s so easy to break down and give up, as there are a lot of easier things to do. But do we really want that? A strong determination is the only way we can find out. The rate at which our mind is growing, our body is not fast enough to adapt to it. Psychological bugs like depression and anxiety are the result of it. A sense of adventure, which was intended for us through nature’s regulation, is now changing rapidly at this age of wonders. From my experiences so far, I’ve discovered that a lot of things aren’t impossible (I don’t know many things, I may be wrong), it’s my lack of attempts which kept me as a beginner all along. I was not acquainted with my sense of adventure in errors sometimes ago. Things change and new perspective always presents itself. I guess I have found that through my experiences. I hope someday I’ll match my pace with this age and probably become a hero of my own stories. With little flaws to keep my ground of morality in check and with attempts again and again, I can find my way to reach my goals. No matter what happens, I’ll enjoy every bit of it and hopefully find some interesting experiences and stories to share with my kids.


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