The pace of time undeterred,
heading forth with it
I am nearing to the end time,
where death awaits musing.

The mindless youth, which once I was,
now aged in conscience
recall the moments when I stumbled and fell,
now fate stands, its head held high, mocking.

Behind me the shattered dreams
lay helpless to be looked at once more.
Have I failed to keep my words?
Have I tricked myself into dreaming?

I slowly watch my skin wither and wrinkle,
but no scars of glory to identify with,
like an unknown survivor in a boat, sinking,
the limitless ocean, this world of heroes,
wont keep any remnants, of my being.

I struggle in stillness,
in rage and madness,
to not let go of the hope of redemption,
to find a way to another beginning.

Locked within the walls I built
I keep staring at the open ceiling.
Now I wait for the sun to rise,
to help me find a way to reach out,
to help me find my freedom and meaning.