Life is a one time gift, we realize this when affronted by loss and distress. Every single day is a struggle to catch up with the world. To get the stuff we saw in adverts or have seen our neighbors have it. Spending 40% of our lives to make a living like that or the next best thing, often with compromises. We never get time to think what we owe to ourselves. We keep going with the flow, buying time with money. The more we have it, our life becomes that much sweeter. That’s the whole constitution running this reality. A master rule hiding behind our daily rituals, yet governing our lives at every instant without fail. When we were kids our parents made up cute stories about how babies come into this world. We would discover the truth later, but tell something similar to what our parents told us, to the next generation. Although no one ever told us how life is supposed to be, (I don’t mean living a certain dream model)? What living actually means? We hear something, but is it the entire reality of life. We are fortunate to have love, family and friends, to help us get through the difficulties. It makes things easier for us by hiding the actual clockwork of our lives.

Today’s hectic world brought forth a lot of challenges for us. For people with less education, making a living is a time run of sorts, especially in the developing countries. There are people for whom acquiring a new skill is a luxury, they have to choose, to either work hard and live or take great risks in learning for better jobs. They often choose the former, because dreams are often better in sleep. Life is more like a product available in different stores, buy medicine for good health, fast recovery and more time, buy consoles and gadgets for relaxation and refreshment so we could start anew next day, buy food to get strength to make another day at the same trade, buy education to learn a skill, for the gifted and extraordinary education paves new ways of discovery to outrun failures and become something like a brand. I am not classifying a category of talent or gifts. We all are miracles if we look closer at ourselves. Our tolerance is what defines our reaches in future. There is a limit when it comes to struggles. Expectations bring frustration, which brings disorders and we give into it no matter how much resistance we put to thwart it. And that becomes a reality for most of us who grew up dreaming about a life shaped by our own hard work and dedication. We can’t buy time in exchange of less or nothing, there is always a price.

We are forever indebted somehow, in today’s world. We break at tough times, and recovery takes a lot of time in return. Time buys time, money buys time while we are always running in circles trying to define ourselves and reach our own styled nirvana. What do we really owe ourselves? The system we are in is flawed, we don’t have any better model to rectify the problems by comparison. The best things are always hidden withing the best. We can’t find something unidentified, yet we humans nonetheless are best, for having a life as a sentient being, for being able to stand up again. A one time gift if you will, as we are never really sure what happens to us when we die and become a memory for others. This debt based system has us. It’s how the fabric of our reality is. The cavemen also struggled just to buy one more day. Even the animals do that. And if you look closer, the unseen atom and vast celestial objects do that as well. It’s the supreme protocol of this universe. Move, acquire and buy time.

Sometimes it makes me wonder if we really are in a purgatory. Paying for something we did in the previous life. Who knows? Still, the best thing about all this is, that some of us do rise and get more resources to buy more time than they need. In turn making things better and getting more time to spend with family and friends. Love is the cure, a shroud to hide us from the knowledge of this debt based life we’ve got. We can’t really get away from this, because this is hard coded in everything. Debt is our reality and the idea of love is the spectacle to hide it from us. I believe, as a sentient being, love is the priceless resources which we owe ourselves. Then again, it’s just my belief, and I could be wrong.


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