Between a hear beat we scale uncountable worlds,
where imaginations spring beyond bounds of the real,
a vision so supreme, we often discover,
a spark of life through love, uncovers,
where the rules of nature halt and bend
time implodes within and begins to burn,
realities collapse and all becomes one,
to wait, to seed another alive universe.
To preserve what has already been earned,
as a foundation is needed for every new world,
time wont exist, no measures will work,
in an undefined state, which can’t be put in words.
Infinity locked within a state, infernal,
where dreams of the gods last, eternal,
with illumination beyond uncountable suns,
a singularity will dream in its own image.
Between a heart beat new worlds would appear,
spreading all around like a million suns glare,
between a heart beat we always discover,
a singularity of dreams everlasting and eternal.


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