Between a hear beat we scale uncountable worlds,
where imaginations spring beyond bounds of the real,
a vision so supreme, we often discover,
a spark of life through love, uncovers,
where the rules of nature halt and bend
time implodes within and begins to burn,
realities collapse and all becomes one,
to wait, to seed another alive universe.
To preserve what has already been earned,
as a foundation is needed for every new world,
time wont exist, no measures will work,
in an undefined state, which can’t be put in words.
Infinity locked within a state, infernal,
where dreams of the gods last, eternal,
with illumination beyond uncountable suns,
a singularity will dream in its own image.
Between a heart beat new worlds would appear,
spreading all around like a million suns glare,
between a heart beat we always discover,
a singularity of dreams everlasting and eternal.



The pace of time undeterred,
heading forth with it
I am nearing to the end time,
where death awaits musing.

The mindless youth, which once I was,
now aged in conscience
recall the moments when I stumbled and fell,
now fate stands, its head held high, mocking.

Behind me the shattered dreams
lay helpless to be looked at once more.
Have I failed to keep my words?
Have I tricked myself into dreaming?

I slowly watch my skin wither and wrinkle,
but no scars of glory to identify with,
like an unknown survivor in a boat, sinking,
the limitless ocean, this world of heroes,
wont keep any remnants, of my being.

I struggle in stillness,
in rage and madness,
to not let go of the hope of redemption,
to find a way to another beginning.

Locked within the walls I built
I keep staring at the open ceiling.
Now I wait for the sun to rise,
to help me find a way to reach out,
to help me find my freedom and meaning.


Absolution of dark
and the certainty of light,
a paradox of creation
in this limitless void.

Chaos and order stand affront
executing their eternal rite,
setting in motion, immeasurable in time,
a conflict unknown to sentient minds.

To this day unaware we fight,
for the causes we find just and right.
Blinded and often unwise
we ride the waves of change
hoping, one day to turn the tide.

Caught in the midst of fall and rise
we struggle to find the undefined.
Some truths can not be justified
as we are the pawns in the game of time,
where life is a trick to introduce death
and death is a trick to introduce life.